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The Segilola Salami Preparatory School is a skills acquisition business school for children aged 6 to 14 based in Abuja. With the school launching in August 2020, we are on the lookout for teachers and professionals who are capable of teaching our students one skill or the other.

If you are interested in working with us, please register your interest in the form below.

Teaching jobs in Abuja Nigeria, work with us at SSPS

We are particularly interested in people who can teach any of the following listed below:

  • Science – food, agriculture, environment, the human body. Bonus points if you can conduct science experiments using every day materials
  • History – 1) Nigeria’s history pre-colonisation, during colonisation and post colonisation, including the Arab invasion 2) evolution of modern religions
  • Money – banking, savings and investment
  • Nigerian Politics
  • Law – Nigerian law as it covers individuals and businesses
  • Languages – including the evolution of Nigerian language
  • Business – online sales and marketing
  • Dance instructor
  • Musical instruments instructor
  • Construction including carpentry. Can you teach young children engineering using simple materials?
  • Environmental health
  • Soap making
  • Hair and body cream
  • Hair plating
  • Knitting and crocheting
  • Cooking

If your skill or area of expertise is not listed, please still do get in touch as we would like to hear from you.

Basic Requirements

  1. Can communicate effectively in English – oral and written
  2. Previous teaching experience (adults or children)
  3. Basic IT skills
  4. Likes children


Do note that as a school, we have a duty to safeguard our students. One of the ways that we do it is to verify your identity using the information submitted by you. Thus, we request that you submit your correct National identity number. Without this information, we are unable to progress your application.

That said, if there is a reason why you cannot supply your National identity number but have other form of identification eg international passport, driver’s license, please enter this information in your application form below. If you have any questions or encounter any problem using the form below, please send an email to [].

If your child is enrolled at SSPS, wouldn’t you like to know that we are doing everything we can to safeguard your child??

We prefer people who live in Abuja for ease of daily commute. Whilst we’ll pay a competitive salary, we do not include a transportation allowance. More details about the salary would be shared if you are invited for an interview.

If you do not hear from us within 8 weeks of your application, it means your application has not been successfully at this time.