Students’ Agreement

All students agree to:

  • Listen when being spoken to to understand what is being said first before responding
  • Follow any instructions given
  • Ask questions if there is anything that they do not understand
  • Help and support other students or members of staff where needed and as appropriate
  • Be polite when speaking with other students and members of staff
  • Be courteous to other students and members of staff
  • Treat other students and members of staff as they would like to be treated
  • Not disrupt any classes (and understand that they may be asked to leave the class if this happens)
  • Inform their teacher of any issues that they may have (either within or outside the school) that may interfere with their learning

All students understand that any fighting or bullying may lead to immediate expulsion from the school.

All students represent the school even when not in the school. As such, they are always expected to uphold the ethos of the school at all times.

Expectations of would be students

As a school, we have the following minimum expectations of our students. This ensures that we are better able to serve them. All our students should be able to:

• Read and spell their names
• Communicate well for their age ie be able to follow simple instructions or ask questions
• Read and write simple sentences
• Carry out basic functions on a smart device or laptop. This is especially important if the student is enrolled on any of our online classes

This is why it is important that we are notified in advance if any student has any additional needs. This would enable us to assess if we can meet the needs of our students.