Taught languages

The world has fast become a global marketplace. In other to compete, it is important that every child can speak more than one language.

On graduation, our aim is that all our students can fluently speak and write at least 4 different

Core languages
These core languages are taught in all year groups:
1. English
2. Mandarin
3. French

Optional languages
In each of the four year groups, students have to choose one of the following optional languages.

In year 1, students must study at least one Nigerian language
• Yoruba
• Hausa
• Igbo

From year 2 onwards, students may opt to drop the Nigerian languages for any of the following:
• Arabic
• Spanish
• Japanese
• German
• Twi

Each language class covers:
• independent reading development
• daily handwriting practice
• mental arithmetic
• Spelling practice
• Songs + dance
• History + evolution of the language