Our curriculum

The SSPS curriculum is based on STEAM education but with an enrichment programme. There are no formal examinations, but our students’ learning is assessed based on their portfolio of projects + presentations. Parents and guardians are invited to the school to attend these presentations.

Every year, up to 3 months is spent in another country to enhance our students’ learning.

The aim of our curriculum is to stimulate, challenge + excite our students as we believe that students
learn more + give more when they are in a nurturing environment that they love.

We offer excellent pastoral support, encourage good manners + respect for self + others. To ensure that our students
are well rounded individuals, we celebrate all aspects of their individuality, from the creative, the
physical + the spiritual.

All aspects of our curriculum encourage gentility, kindness, humility + individuality. These traditional
values have been shown to hold sway in the office, especially when working with people from diverse backgrounds. They are also intrinsic to the modern-day life.

There is no formal homework set but students are expected to have regular conversations with their parents/guardians about the progress of their projects. This fits in with our ethos: it takes a community to raise a child.