Importance of STEAM

We at Segilola Salami Preparatory School believe that the current education system, especially in Nigeria, does not meet the educational needs of the 21st century child. It does not focus enough on teaching children how to solve real world problems and is not interdisciplinary nor collaborative enough in its teaching approach.

In other to set young children up for future success in today’s rapidly changing world, it is important that they are exposed to the STEAM subjects to foster the development of their critical thinking skills.

STEAM education teaches students not just how to think critically, solve problems and use creativity, it prepares students to work in any field or profession. Thus, if any of our students chooses a career that is not in one of the STEAM fields, the skills they gain with their STEAM education at the Segilola Salami Preparatory School are transferrable into almost any other career or industry.

With the growth and advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, the ability to solve novel problems has become increasingly important. Thus, the earlier young children are exposed to STEAM education, the better for their future.

STEAM learning ensures that our students become creators and not just consumers.